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Rules & Conditions
This website is provided by Ussociate as a free service to individuals and organisations interested in the social business and entrepreneurship sector.

Use of this website is subject to these terms and conditions. By continuing to use the website you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Website visitors may use the materials on this Website for personal and informational purposes only.

All materials here are Copyright © Ussociate and/or third party authors unless explicitly otherwise stated. You may download and print one copy of Ussociate copyright materials only for your own personal use and you must maintain the copyright acknowledgment in all such copies and not alter them in any way.

You may not use copyright material for any commercial purpose without our prior written consent.

This Website and the materials contained herein provide general information only and do not constitute advice.

Ussociate does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content of this website, nor the fitness for purpose of the concepts mentioned or described herein for application to any particular business, association, organisation, operation or entity. Before applying any of the concepts described within, you should first satisfy yourself as to its suitability and fitness for the purpose for which you intend to use it. If in doubt please seek professional guidance.

Ussociate may provide links to other websites outside the socialtraders web domain. Ussociate makes no warranty, guarantee or undertaking as to the suitability of the content of these websites. By clicking on any links you acknowledge you do so at your own risk and that it is your responsibility to take all protective measures necessary to guard against any erroneous or otherwise potentially malicious content.

Use of the Community Discussion Forum is subject to additional terms and conditions outlined in the Community Discussion pages.

Any or all of the terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time.

Use of this website is governed by the laws of the Pune, India.

Community Discussion Forum - Terms and Conditions

Use of the Community Discussion Forum is via a separate registration and subject to these aditional Terms and Conditions.

The purpose of the community discussion forum is to provide a public place where website visitors can ask or reply to questions in a collegiate environment.

To ensure posters are real human beings, we will ask you to sign up separately to use the forum. We’ll ask you to give us a forum name (which need not be your real name) and an e-mail address – which does need to be your real e-mail address, because we’ll send you a confirmation link to enable you to login in and create your own password.

Users acknowledge that their posts are provided freely and non-confidentially for use and copyright by others for their own purposes. As posts come from third parties, Social Traders Limited makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or validity of any posts or the identity of other users and any reliance upon posts is entirely at the users own risk.

Social Traders Limited reserves the right to remove posts from the website and to warn or block users for any reason it deems appropriate. Moderators will visit the forum to check the appropriateness of its use and postings. If you would like to draw a post to our attention, please contact us on ForumModerator@socialtraders.com.au

Users should ensure that their posts comply with the following rules:

No abuse, insults or personal attacks
No foul language
No trolling or baiting
No inappropriate or illegal material
No "For Sale" or "Wanted to Buy"
No business advertising
No cross posting
No shouting (posting in all capitals)
No forum spamming
No over-zealous debates
No defamatory comments
No begging
No bullying
No subversive messages
No copying or posting of third party materials (no breach of copyright)
No other breaches of the law
No complaints about moderation

It’s quite simple: If you wouldn’t say something at a public meeting, don’t say it on the forum.

Forum users are responsible for their own comments, including any defamatory comments, breach of copyright or other breaches of the law. You indemnify Social Traders Limited against any cost or liability associated with any defamation, breach of copyright or other breach of the law by you.

In addition to Social Traders rights specified above, where moderators notice a post that does not comply with the rules, they may edit or delete it. You grant Social Traders the right to edit or amend your posts in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The moderators may also suspend from the forum any user who makes an offending post, thereby rescinding the rights they have to post. The suspension may be temporary or permanent at the discretion of the moderator.

The decision of the moderator is final. Social Traders will not enter into any debate or correspondence on the matter.

These terms and conditions may change from time to time. These terms and conditions include the Social Traders general website terms and conditions and privacy policy.

You acknowledge acceptance of these Community Discussion Forum Terms and Conditions, as updated, when you sign up to use the forum and each time you use the forum.

Use of this Community Discussion Forum is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.
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