“An all paid for” trip across the world

Welcome to AN 'ALL-PAID-FOR' TRIP ACROSS THE WORLD, the world's first global reality contest. You've been wondering about what this whole free trip buzz is. Well it is time to set your curiosity at rest.

This is a unique mission to bring the world to the world. Inventors, writers, artists, poets, musicians, film makers etc., they all face the same problems. When you are a nobody, nobody bothers about you. At other times geographical location plays spoilsport. Ussociate is here to change all that! Ussociate is here to give a voice to creativity across the world.

 If you believe that you can do your bit too...

          pack your bags!!  

Do you believe in the mission? Or are you just fascinated by faraway lands? Either way here is your chance to be a part of this amazing trip. 42 countries so far, and the goal is 102 in all.... And not just the travelling... we get to spend a few days at every station to explore, fool around, party, shop (of course at your own expense), and do whatever (of course legal).

Welcome to the internet's first live reality contest. A plain and simple elimination based procedure that goes through various levels, all from the comfort of your home.

Lastly, do not pay heed to hoaxes or scams that ask for money on the group. This effort is completely free. As luck would have it, you have a head start. Whether you want to stay ahead is only up to u!

Registration Dates & Details